Casio Protrek PRG-600YB-2DR

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R 6,299
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R 7,399
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R 1,100 (15%)

This new caving-themed timepiece is the latest models from PRO TREK, the outdoor watch that is constantly incorporating the latest in technology and design innovations. This model starts with the jet black of underground darkness, which is accented by orange and yellow colors that are often used in caving suit designs. The hour markers and bezel markings are embedded with luminescent material for easy reading in the dark. The stainless steel band ring has an ion-plated (IP) finish that matches the black image of this watch and also provides a higher level of durability.

The band of the PRG-600YB is made of MAXIFRESH®* fabric that suppresses odors and the formation of bacteria from perspiration, which greatly reduces the chance of unpleasant odors.
Advanced functions include Triple Sensor (bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, temperature), hand shift, and more.

MAXIFRESH® immediately eliminates the unpleasant odor of sweat generated when engaged in sports, outdoor activities, or even normal daily activities, much faster than conventional clothing. It does this by neutralizing odorous components at the molecular level.
The special cloth band of this watch, which is woven with MAXIFRESH® material, suppresses sweat odor and the formation of bacteria and alleviates one source of discomfort on long climbs. Washing the band restores its odor reduction capability, so its effect can be enjoyed well into the future.

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